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An uplifting story of personal struggle, of perseverance, and of redemption. If it weren’t true,  it would be very difficult to believe. This is Lisa's story, this is Transfixed.


My Story

This book was written to explain, and perhaps educate those who are not trans, what the life of this trans woman actually is. I found it cathartic to write it all down and it's hopefully enlightening, as well as an entertaining and enjoyable read. 


I will make no financial gain from this book. Every penny in royalties will be reinvested in publicising the book and paying for the website so it can reach a wider audience. I have listed the price at the least amount I can through Amazon, and I often give it away for free, either through online promotions or simply sending it to people with a platform who I think will benefit from reading it.


I will happily speak to open or closed meetings, if asked, and it's practical. In the past I've spoken to political groups, counsellors groups, NHS groups, and student Dr's. I will not ask for a fee if you want me to speak to your group.


I would hope that anyone who reads my book in this tense time of open transphobia will see that I'm actually no different from anyone else, just trying to get along and live a decent life as best I can.


The one thing I will never do, and this book does not do, is to apologise for being me.


Lisa McIntyre 




Lisa McIntyre is an artist, author, and campaigner for disability rights. She is an active member of the Labour Party, Labour Representative Committee, and DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts). She lives in Norwich UK.

My Books
Rover v8.jpeg

Inverness or bust

 In 1975, a group of trans people originally drove to Scotland in two cars. One was a Rover V8, owned by trans woman Alice. Alice was in her 80s when she passed away, ten years ago, in Nemo’s living room. Thank you for helping to preserve our trans history.

Inverness Or Bust an incredible story of friendship, allyship and trans pride set in the backdrop of 1970's Britain. The film focuses on a road-trip that a group of transgender people took in the 1970's to visit a sympathetic doctor in Inverness, Scotland.

We are crowdfunding to make the film. You can contribute here --


So many lives in one lifetime. Moving, funny, emotional, violent, tender & optimistic. Restores faith in human nature and destroys it in equal measure. Lisa’s journey uncovers a world few of us understand or know anything about but reveals human experience with all its contradictions. This account is an important record of lived experience of a trans working class woman in the late 20th/early 21st century. Should be compulsory reading for social workers and health professionals

Mark Harrison

Contact me - email:  Lisa@Transfixed.UK

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