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Transphobia: A plea to the media

A plea from my good friend and comrade Charlie. A trans man. You rarely hear the TERF's or the media talk about trans men, they prefer to concentrate on trans women, toilets, and mythical attacks on women that somehow can never be backed up with any actual evidence. They deny Charlie exists, as they deny I exist. But here he is! Presumably they want him to use 'women's spaces'?

Another plea I saw in recent days comes from Monica Roberts, The founding editor of TransGriot. An "unapologetic black trans person fighting for everyone's human rights".

She explains:

What's the 'trans agenda'?

1. Stop killing us 2. Treat us with dignity and respect 3. Stop debating our humanity and existence 4. Protect our human rights 5. Let us live our lives in peace

It's not much to ask is it?

The TERF's want to deny Monica exists. They also want to deny I exist, too!

But yet, here we are.

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