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Pride Question Time -- Saturday 31 July 2021

I'm on the panel for Norwich Pride question time Saturday 31 July, 12-1pm

Streamed live on our homepage and our Facebook page. Ask me a question on the day! ... plenty of time to think of one...

There is plenty of other things going on for Norwich pride 2021 - online version on Issuu (click on the full screen icon to make it a readable size!) or download a PDF copy (it is a large file and will take a while to download) - I am on page 26.

Norwich Pride 2021 Question Time

The text next to my photo: "Lisa McIntyre is an artist, author, and campaigner for disability rights. She is an active member of the Labour Party, Labour Representative Committee, and DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts). She lives in Norwich UK. Her novel ‘Transfixed’ is an uplifting story of personal struggle, of perseverance, and of redemption. Lisa’s aim in writing the book is to educate people who are not trans, what the life of this trans woman is."

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